Creative Services


Illustration & Design

Cover and page illustrations, jacket design

Deeba has designed wine labels, painted artwork for dust jackets and illustrated children's books.  She has the ability to deliver exactly what is called for.  Working more on the client's intention, the feelings they wish to convey, and considering the content of the story, she can design the imagery to bring her clients' vision to fruition.


Fine Art & Decorative Arts

Expertise in Acrylics, oils, pen & pencil drawings and layout and design Featuring Murals, drawings, paintings and sculpture

Painting stories.  Deeba's artwork has graced walls from San Diego to Jakarta.  She has had the privilege of working in estates here in Rancho Santa Fe, up in the TeTons, Hawaii, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis and as far away as Indonesia. Have brush and pen, will travel is her motto.  Skilled in the decorative arts, her work includes european plasters, murals and wood, stone and marble replication, as well as antique furniture restoration and repurposing/up-cycling.  



Books, porcelain, sculpture, paintings, furniture 

Following industry standards for restoration, Deeba has taken a piece with little hope and brought it back to life.  From small porcelain decorative pieces to antique paintings, Deeba has worked with Interior Designers and private clients to bring hope and restoration to pieces left for lost.  An accomplished gilder, Deeba has restored many a sculpture, picture frame, furniture or chandelier from Christies for her clients.  She is able to assess when the work goes beyond her level of skill and will never compromise a piece, when necessary, she will bring in a mentor or outside expert for assistance in the restoration and provides the best alternatives to meet the client's objectives.